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Poligrafica Veneta Srl was established on 6 August 1969 based on the idea and initiative of the three families of the founding shareholders Casarotto, Grazioli and Meneghetti.

With the installation of the first bag machines, the company immediately made the decision to tackle the emerging industrial packaging market. With the subsequent installation of the first polyethylene film extruder, the company established its outstanding capacity for innovation, which went on to be demonstrated over the years due to its dedicated and committed work ethic.

The company has grown year on year in terms of turnover and the variety and types of products supplied, gaining considerable experience in the world of industrial packaging.

It is due to the latter that the company now draws on its strength, creativity and capacity to provide its customers with innovative and flexible solutions in the field of packaging.

Following the market development, Poligrafica Veneta made the decision to extend its product range, adding the production of paper bags. This resulted in what is now the production plant in Via Mazzini, exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of preformed packaging for small contents.

Today Poligrafica Veneta Srl is a company with a turnover of 25 million Euros and about 80 employees.

An established business in the world of packaging that successfully and superbly unites tradition and innovation to tackle the new market challenges.

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The company has personnel at its disposal who are specialised in planning and offering solutions to problems associated with industrial packaging, thereby providing assistance, willingness, innovation and increasingly sophisticated technologies to customers.

The sales office provides customers with continuous assistance not only for the process that starts with placing orders and ends with delivering them, but also as regards after-sales service and assistance to establish a loyal and continuous relationship with customers.

Ten years’ experience in foreign markets has trained sales figures ready to work in international contexts in a range of languages including English, French, Spanish and German.


Since 2007, continuous research and development have driven Poligrafica Veneta to equip itself with a modern laboratory with the latest tools, ideal for testing the main technical features of packaging and the raw materials used.

Our laboratory is essential for the effective and timely control of processes, so that products made by Poligrafica Veneta can be fully guaranteed, especially in terms of quality.



Since 2001, the company’s Quality Management System has been certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Most of the packaging produced at Poligrafica Veneta is intended for the food industry and therefore direct contact with food. Such a delicate field requires the highest level of attention throughout all production stages. Precisely for this reason, the company has always given fundamental importance to aspects of hygiene and food safety, adopting HACCP methods in the production process at all its sites.

In this context, we are also working towards obtaining UNI EN ISO 22000:2018 certification.

You can download our certificates and the Quality Management policy of Poligrafica Veneta.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 22000:2008

Paper packaging

The industrial packaging sector of Poligrafica Veneta is situated in a cutting-edge, modern renovated building.

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Polyethylene packaging

In an environment where technology is constantly updated, the production site of the polyethylene division makes packaging mainly for the food industry.

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