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For Poligrafica Veneta, being entrepreneurs has always meant bringing the core values of our family into the company: seriousness, honesty, respect, integrity and responsibility.

That’s why, for us, the only way to do business is “Responsibly”.

That’s why we offer our customers eco-sustainable products, the outcome of our ongoing research.

That’s why we carefully select and choose our suppliers, giving priority to those who share the same values as us.

And that’s why we are environmentally conscious, committed to using fewer resources and promoting low-impact consumption throughout our production cycle.

Every day, we want to be consistent with our ideals and act responsibly.

For us, responsible commitment means paying homage to our local area, to our valuable partners and suppliers, and to the customers who choose us because of the products we make.

Green paper sector:

Focusing on environmental sustainability has prompted Poligrafica Veneta to make significant investments.

In the paper department, printing is carried out exclusively using water-based inks to prevent the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Colours are also prepared in-house using an automatic mixer that allows the recovery of all production waste.

The paper used in our production process comes from certified forests, where the levels of forestation maintained in order to protect the environment are guaranteed.

Poligrafica Veneta puts in place all the actions required to minimise environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process and for the products released onto the market. Moreover, fully recyclable processing waste is re-used by paper mills to produce recycled paper.

Poligrafica Veneta is a founding member of COMIECO (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging) and a member of CONAI (National Packaging Consortium).

Poligrafica Veneta is increasingly focusing on economic activities that fully respect the environment. The most effective way is to ensure that paper comes from legal and sustainable sources and from independently certified forests. Bearing this in mind, the company obtained Chain of Custody certification in December 2010.

We have also implemented a paper tracking system during the production process, thereby providing additional assurance that paper is produced with materials from a forest with an environmentally sound management system. The paper used in our production process comes exclusively from certified forests, where the levels of forestation maintained in order to protect the environment and its natural habitat are always guaranteed.

It is an important step also for those who choose us: Poligrafica Veneta offers its customers the opportunity to enhance their corporate image with packaging from renewable and eco-friendly sources.

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FSC® – The Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. – is a non-governmental, independent and non-profit organisation set up to promote responsible forest management.

The mission of FSC® is to promote the environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management of the world’s economically productive forests by bringing together people, organisations and activities on an international scale in order to develop shared solutions that promote sustainable forest management.

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PEFC™ – The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – the world’s largest international forest certification body, based on about 30 national systems and more than 220 million hectares of certified forests.

PEFC™ aims to promote sustainable forest management through certifications managed by third parties. This certification system is suitable for small forest owners and for family-run or collective management.

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