The renovated and modern production plant of the industrial paper packaging sector of Poligrafica Veneta Srl is located in Via Mazzini 64.
The production lines are able to package small-sized printed bags, from 500 g up to a maximum of 10 kg, as well as modern shopper. However, the majority of the production of the sector involves 1 kg bags used for the packaging of flour and sugar.

In order to respect new laws, which restrict the use of plastic bags, Poligrafica Veneta has met the market demand by the introduction of a new production line of shoppers made of paper. The new machine uses an innovative system that allows to obtain a production with a different conception to the usual paper shopping bags, you can currently find in the market. 

The large number of production lines in the packaging stage guarantees flexibility in terms of planning and the amount of orders that can be met in order to observe quick delivery times, which the modern market require.
The plant produces approximately 350,000,000 bags annually, which are mostly used by the European foreign market.







The market requires ever higher quality in the printing of packaging. To achieve this objective, Poligrafica Veneta prints its own bags, using different printing machines with different technologies that range from modern flexography to offset and rotogravure.
Both technologies are equipped with electronic systems that constantly check the printing quality and enable special processing to be done such as UV coating.