Our considerable responsibility towards protecting the environment has caused Poligrafica Veneta Srl to make important investments in this area.

Printing is only done using water-based inks to avoid the emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere. The colours are also prepared internally with an automatic mixer, which also enables the recovery of all the production returns.
The paper used in our production process comes from certified forests, where maintaining the forestation levels needed to protect the environment is guaranteed.

Poligrafica Veneta Srl puts into practice all those measures which reduce its environmental impact to an absolute minimum in terms of its production process and products that it introduces to the market. The processing scraps, which are fully recyclable, are reused by the paper mills to manufacture recycled paper.

Poligrafica Veneta Srl is one of the founding members of COMIECO (National Consortium of the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-Based Packaging) and is also a member of CONAI (National Packaging Consortium).
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